”Holy Cow, it’s moo to me, The Milk District Community” concert

Heat lightening and gusty winds from the leading edge of the storm

Raised concern as Robert Soviero, Director of The Milk District, and dedicated volunteers vectored vendors into Orlando Festival Park. A tent city quickly took shape around the stage comprised of a variety of businesses, local breweries, artists and food trucks.  Even a vintage VW bus rolled in, serving as a mobile photo shop. The city supplied a large mobile stage, where 3 bands, Bone Magic, Lauren Lester and B.TRuBoxMann were soon to play. The smell of street food, and music drew in neighbors from all directions like ants to a picnic with strollers, blankets and chairs.

Robert took to the microphone in DJ style saying “Thank you all for coming together to make this Free Concert in The Milk District happen!”  He threw a few Milk shirts in to the crowd and announced “Lauren Lester, with family and friends.” Lauren’s buttery voice permeated the crowd, as the storm lifted; the community vibe was upbeat and relaxed just like the music. A perfect blend of all ages, cocktails and corn hole games with Frisbees flying as groups clustered. .

Lauren played a set of original music with jazzy, folk and country undertones.  She stepped to the microphone and said,  ” I finished this song last night and I would like to dedicate it to The Milk District and the Director Rob”…

100 years ago Mr. T.G. Lee would have never dreamed

that a cow pasture and an old milk parlor would have turned into such a scene

Now there’s Barley and Vine for a glass of wine or an open mic night

but if you want booze, you gotta walk yourself on up to Whiskey Lou’s


Where there’s a jukebox playing and an old machine sittin’ there in the corner

where you can try your luck at a teddy bear for just a couple quarters.


Holy Cow, it’s moo to me, the Milk District community

It’s fresh it’s lit, It’s hot it’s sick, The Milk District!


The crowd broke into applause several times as they heard these words about familiar local places.  Robert was clearly moved.  Lauren wrote this song as a surprise. Over the years Lauren has been commissioned to write songs to honor birthdays and anniversaries. Lauren graduated from Rollins with a degree in music and has won numerous singer/songwriter contests and has done some co-writing in Nashville.  She is working on her second album “Miss My Song” and is currently recording at Richter Records with David Schweitzer in College Park.   Lauren is also a dedicated foster mom and broker with Colonialtown Realty.  She has watched the Milk District grow first hand as her office-donates space to the non-profit.  Rob and Lauren kidded back and forth for a year about Lauren writing the Milk District song and it took the concert to give Lauren the incentive to finish.  If you want to catch Lauren on stage she will be performing at the College Park Jazz Festival, the Lake County Folk Festival and the Winter Park Art Festival.    For a complete schedule and a peek at the Milk District music video go to


The importance of this night is that it brought the community together in a park that sits vacant and under utilized. The Milk District Committee has been working on plans to improve the park and events like this are vital to that goal, with the inclusion of small businesses and local artists, and their opportunity to be showcased.