The Pet Alliance and the Community Cat Program

We have all witnessed the phenomenon, the “Cat Lady (man) house”.  This epicenter of cat activity is easy to spot from the common tail, tail signs.   The multiple cat bowls, the odiferous smell of male spray marked territory, the yowling at night, the fur flying and the cat fighting.  All things that endear the well-meaning…

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Colonialtown Realty’s Blood Drive

Friends and Family we need your help! Due to everyone’s schedules changing around the holidays, blood donations are scarce. Colonialtown Realty will be hosting a blood drive on Voting Day, November 6th. OneBlood and the Big Red Bus will be here from 12PM-6PM. If you would like to donate blood, please sign up using this…

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Treasure in the Attic

    “Ladies and Gentleman, The Story you are about to see (read) is true,  the names have been changed to protect the innocent.” Intro to Dragnet, TV show 1951-1959   About 15 years ago Sarah asked me to sell her father’s home.  Sarah was residing in Texas where she     brought her father Charlie to live. He…

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”Holy Cow, it’s moo to me, The Milk District Community” concert

Heat lightening and gusty winds from the leading edge of the storm Raised concern as Robert Soviero, Director of The Milk District, and dedicated volunteers vectored vendors into Orlando Festival Park. A tent city quickly took shape around the stage comprised of a variety of businesses, local breweries, artists and food trucks.  Even a vintage VW…

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