The Pet Alliance and the Community Cat Program

We have all witnessed the phenomenon, the “Cat Lady (man) house”.  This epicenter of cat activity is easy to spot from the common tail, tail signs.   The multiple cat bowls, the odiferous smell of male spray marked territory, the yowling at night, the fur flying and the cat fighting.  All things that endear the well-meaning animal lover to their neighbors.  In the animal rescue realm these folks are referred to as “Feeders.”   I am sure it starts out innocent enough with a cat or two and before you know it an exponential cat explosion has amassed and it is undeniable.  As you pull in the driveway  dozens of cats  rush to  you for their evening Meow Mix.   What do you do?  The babies are everywhere and still coming.  There is hope.

Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando is a compassionate community resource that educates, shelters, places and heals pets and their families.  The non profit  has a special outreach called Community Cat Program.   The need for this program became apparent as the shelter fostered over 2000 feral kittens last year which was double from the year before.  Cathy Houde spearheads this program and she says, “With Florida’s mild climate it is kitten season year round”.  Pet Alliance together with the director Steve Bardy felt something must be done so The Community Cat Program was launched.  They systematically work with the neighborhoods to  identify colonies of 30 plus Feral Felines.  The cats are humanely trapped, spayed/neutered, vaccinated and eartipped, the universal sign of a sterilized cat,  and returned in the location they were trapped, allowing the  cats to live in the area they are accustomed without continuing to populate.  The traits that foster the nuisance complaints subsides as the spraying and fighting are no longer an issue in a sterilized animal.   Cathy indicated the TNR method is making a difference,  unlike the outdated removal programs  which created a vacuum, whereby  more cats would simply move into the newly opened  territory.    The goal is to work an area until 85% or more of the population has been through the process of TNR.  They are currently in Azalea Park zip codes32807,32822 where this process  could take as much as a year.    The program relies on  the community to identify over populated areas and there is an initiative to share information on being a responsible “Feeder”.  This is a collaborative effort with Orange County Animal Services and CARE Feline TNR, a local volunteer TNR group. There is also help available for free or low cost spay/neuter through Orange county animal services and CARE.  This is just one of the programs under the Pet Alliance umbrella. 

Colonialtown Realty together with Freedom Mortgage will be supporting the upcoming “Paws in the Park” event Saturday February 9th at Lake Eola.  It is a day of fun and Celebration  with activities,  games and giveaways for  you & your four-legged friends.  Please join us at our booth for a chance to win Pet Prizes and Gift Cards from Petsmart. Ted Bogert of Freedom Mortgage will be there doing a live broadcast of “the Ted Show”.  Come out and meet the Team, we are here to help you achieve your real estate goals in 2019 while supporting this great cause. This event is vital to funding the no-kill shelters and programs like the Community Cat.  We can make a difference, get involved, become a volunteer, Pet Alliance needs us all to do our part.